Recent Photos Don't Show Up On Profile Page


When I upload a new picture, it shows on my timeline, and people are able to retweet/favorite the photo like normal. The problem is that it doesn’t show up on my profile page. On my profile page, under the photos heading, it shows my latest picture from one week ago on the mobile app, and on the actual Twitter website on my computer the latest picture is from way before that. This is a problem for when I want to browse through pictures that I’ve recently posted without having to scroll through my entire timeline. I’ve tried different browsers, reinstalling the app, testing other Twitter accounts, and basically all the other ‘methods’ Twitter has suggested. Their ‘help center’ is virtually no help at all since all I get are automated responses that literally don’t help (I’ve come to realize they have some pretty bad help services).

The only time that the photos under the ‘photos’ header updates, is when I delete a previous picture. Then the next picture in line finally shows up, but it’s still not the recent ones.

Any ideas? Or fixes? This has been going on for almost two weeks and I really don’t like having to scroll through my tweets to find a certain picture.