Receiving some 404s amongst 500s while fetching users


Hey there,

Last night (31 July 2013) at 10:30 pm PST I saw a spike of 500s when collecting users. There were some 404s in the mix too, which was a little concerning. It’s the second time I’ve seen this in recent weeks.

The endpoint used was passing the user id as the id param.

These user ids were among those that had 404s:


There were also 2 calls to a user’s timeline that received 404s. Once at 10:30 amongst these other errors, and once at 11:20pm. The user’s timeline url used was with user_id and since_id provided, and include_entities set to true.



Hi Tim, this seems to coincide with some instability in our user lookups service last night. I believe this was a symptom of that. These calls appear to have returned to normal operation now - could you confirm?


Hey Arne,

Indeed. They occurred at 10:30pm and were resolved before 10:32pm. Returning 500s is understandable, but 404s shouldn’t be returned during instability should they?