Receiving 'Internal Error. Try again later' in the Card Validator for a URL on an approved domain



Using the Twitter Card validator ( to validate a URL of mine keeps returning ‘Internal Error. Try again later.’ The domain itself has already been approved. When I Tweeted the URL earlier today ( it didn’t display the card, so I think the card issue is apparent in both the validator tool and the timelines.

The URL in question is:

What I’ve looking into already:

  1. There are no robots.txt file or htaccess rules to restrict the bot
  2. The image is ~72kb so well under the 2mb recommendation
  3. The description is 199 characters, so that is under the 200 character limit
  4. All required fields are there, as well as the twitter:url field from legacy support

What I’ve tried:

  1. Removing the Open Graph fields to see if it conflicts
  2. Removing the no longer needed twitter:url field
  3. Removing the twitter:image field
  4. Reducing the size of the description field so it’s not on the cusp of the 200 character limit
  5. When trying a different URL on the same domain ( it either comes back as a success, or the ‘exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while…’ however the URL in question never returns this timeout issue or a success, it only ever comes back with the mentioned error message.

Any help, ideas, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.