Receiving Error [twitter4j.TwitterException: 500:Something is broken ]



I am using Twitter4J library for displaying tweets of Channels(screen name).I used screenname (MastercardNews,InsideMastercrd) but getting error like

twitter4j.TwitterException: 500:Something is broken. Please post to the group ( so the Twitter team can investigate.
Invalid Screen name

at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientImpl.request(
at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientWrapper.request(
at twitter4j.internal.http.HttpClientWrapper.get(
at twitter4j.TwitterImpl.get(
at twitter4j.TwitterImpl.showUser(

Can you please look into it?
Please share solution for same.


The error is indicating “Invalid Screen name” so please confirm the exact request being made. I would recommend to attempt to call the API with twurl and switch to twitter4j after you are comfortable with what data you are retrieving.

I would also advise to implement retry logic in your code for handling temporary errors.