Receiving 401 from Public Streaming API when Tracking Certain Terms


We’ve encountered an issue where when tracking the term (á) on the public streaming API we’re receiving back a 401 unauthorized from the API which is the same response when the access token is not valid, however the access token is in fact valid (searching other terms works fine). This also seems to present when any other accented characters are wrapped by quotes even if other characters are present in the quotes such as (hello á world).

Any help diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated.



Doing a little more digging around this seems like it may be a problem with the Twitterizer WebRequestBuilder class. When I use it I receive the 401, however when I use Tweetinvi I do not get a 401. However even using Tweetinvi I never receive any Tweets on the stream when I tweet out (á)



Could you please share the Tweetinvi code that you are using?