Received mail about that ineligible of xauth in IOS


Hello, Sir,

I am developing an IOS application.
That must to run any iOS version such as iPhone3G, iPhone4, iPhone5, etc.
So I cant use Twitter Framework of iOS5.

I must use oAuth or xAuth.

By the way, App’s design requires use xAuth, because designed to have login form.
So I cant use oAuth, only must use xAuth,

So I send xAuth request several time.

But I received a email about the ineligible of Xauth in IOS, why??

Sir, please accept my requst.

I never use that for bad purpose.

I am certain.

Please …My app is Acuvue, and ConsumerKey is kwmpNKLat2Y6dklT2DtCiw, app id is 4520985.
and My twitter id is "".

Please help me.



If you’re developing an app for iOS, then you can use web-based OAuth callbacks and the web-based OAuth flow – all versions of iOS are capable of this approach. We currently only offer xAuth as an option if you’re technically incapable on the operating system or device from using the flow – it’s not enough to just prefer a custom login experience.