Received email that twitter card was activated - how long before Twitter begins showing the card when tweets are expanded?


Not knowing much about how the back-end works, and knowing it may take some time even once activated - I was just curious what kind of timeframe to expect the cards to begin showing in expanded tweets…


The Card content is applied almost immediately after you tweet.


Thank you for your reply. I noticed that within a day after I posted this thread. Curious - does the card apply to previously tweeted links, or only links tweeted from card application forward?


Drake, I see cards on tweets I sent before I got approved. Nice!



I have a site The twitter card is of type summary. It was working before but since December it has stopped working. Now I updated the MetaTags and twitter Cards module to version 7. I checked my site through validator, it says approved but still I can’t see twitter card updated. Please check it.