Received email that Summary Card was activated, don't see card when tweeting url


Hello, I’m a web programmer setting up a twitter card on a development site. I requested approval for my domain ( and received an e-mail quickly thereafter saying twitter had activated the summary_large_card for that domain.

I’ve tried tweeting a url though: and I don’t see the card. The url validated fine (except no image showed up, perhaps because of approval too?)

I know the message after I requested approval said it might take a few weeks but I wasn’t sure if the e-mail meant if had been approved already and I should see the card when I tweet the url.

Thanks for your help!


We typically want cards on domains, not IPs. Once you move it to production, run it through the validator again. Should approve quickly.


Thanks for the reply! I moved the card page and images to our productions and reapplied. The card looks good on the validator but it’s still not showing up when tweeted. Should I still wait for further approval?

Thanks again!


Actually it looks like it’s working now! Thanks!