Recently I applied for the Ads API and I received the contract with the license agreement for the app: 8968388. I am currently getting the ‘The client application making this request does not have access to this API’ response, so I have the following questions:
Does it have to be signed or we just have to wait until the access is granted?
If the first, where does it have to be signed?



Once you receive the License Agreement, the next step is for your application to be reviewed and if accepted you will be granted access.

Just as a note, we are aware that the process around granting access to the Ads API is not perfectly polished, so we are working on improving this. Thank you for your patience!


I haven’t received any mail yet, how long does it normally takes to obtain access?


Unfortunately this varies - we as Engineers do not have any control over this process. Hopefully you will be hearing about whether you’ve been granted access or not soon!


Still no news from Twitter about this issue… I have another question, I’m trying to use the Sandbox URL to make tests but i’m getting the same unathorized client message, do I need permission to use the Sandbox too? Or how can I connect to the sandbox api, im using the Abraham\TwitterOAuth library.


Access to both the Production ( and Sandbox ( environments both currently require a contract with our BD team and approval of your application into the program.