Receive tweet notifications to Android Application!



I am an Android Application developer, I would like to get twitter notifications to my Application, currently I got the authcode and also getting the tweets from a particular twitter-Id.
Any Suggestions of how to get the notifications also to my Android Application will be great-full.
Thanks in Advance


What “notifications” are you looking for, exactly?

The APIs available certainly provide access to Tweets from individuals, and to timelines, but I’m curious about what you’re expecting to be able to receive.


Hi andypiper,
Thanks for fast response. I am able to get the latest tweets from a public twitter-Id. These tweets I see when I reload my page in the Application. What I would like to know is, Is there a way to get notified when a user tweets on that public twitter-Id.
Suppose the public twitter-Id is bangaloreCityTrafficPolice, and if any user tweets on that wall, I want to get notified in my application.

Thanking You


For that, you would need to set up something in your app (or maybe on your server) to listen to the Streaming API for new Tweets from that user. Then, you could notify inside your application.