Reasons for palyer card to not load on Android devices


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@PickyDotCo, the issue is with your video player or the encoding of the video and not the Twitter card itself. HTML5 video can be tricky and is actually out of scope of this forum, but here are a few tips. These may not actually be the issue but more of a general checklist.

  • Make sure you are providing all the formats required for all browsers (mp4, webm, ogv, etc).
  • Try different encoding settings. Just because it works on one browser doesn’t mean it will on another.
  • The server hosting your video needs to be enabled for byte-range requests.
  • Make sure your server is returning the correct mime-type for each video format.
  • Consider using an out of the box video solution like video.js or mediaelement.js.

Test your player on all platforms outside of Twitter to make sure it works, then reapply for whitelisting.