Reason: is not a valid screen name


When I request approval for my summary card, I get an error:
Reason: is not a valid screen name

However, I have entered my screen name (username) correctly and all of the tags are green. Is this possibly a bug?


Same with us… It was a product card that we are applying for. What is the screen name according to Twitter btw and did you figure it out yet?


Any luck? Having the same problem.


From what I can tell, the term username and screen name are the same thing to Twitter. Normally, the term screen name is not used on user facing websites, but only in the JSON responses from the API.

I am still getting the same error. Hopefully, someone at Twitter will be able to figure out this problem.


Same problem here.


Same problem for us too.


Yeah same here. Tried loads of options with no luck just getting the strange error as above.
Help Anyone?

Sample link:


Same problem here… :frowning:


Had the same problem too. Tried multiple times until I realized that there was more information to fill out in the form! Scrolled down and filled out the other required fields for my website and hit submit. Everything worked fine.


@tonykhue, OMG thanks a bunch, you really save us some hair loss. Of course, now I feel like an idiot…but it’s working fine for us too now.


@tonykhue thanks for your comment…I was facing same problem


Hi Tony - Hope you are well. Could you let me know what extra information this was that you added? I have added data for every field I could find.

Mech appreciated


Thanks @tonykhue. I did not see those extra fields. Submission worked fine now.


Can someone tell me what type of info so I don’t have that message? Thanks alot!


I was getting the same error. Thanks for the info. I scrolled down the message box and filled in the “Website Twitter Username” and “Website Description” fields and all worked fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I didn’t realize the forms below.


Funny error. First I got the same, then I came here and finally got approved. :stuck_out_tongue:


I also applied for Twitter Cards, and am getting the same issue -
Reason: is not a valid screen name.
I’m not sure what this means??
Does anyone know?


Where are the extra fields that need filling in?


Where are the extra fields that need to be filled out?