Reapplying for a twitter card for my site


We have a site and the Twitter Card isn’t showing properly after several weeks if not months. Yet the validator says we are whitelisted. So I would like to reapply for a card but the link to reapply is not working. Here is the link.

What are we doing wrong? Help!!!

Thanks to anyone and everyone who replies.


Where did you find that link? that’s very outdated and I’d love to fix the reference wherever you are seeing it.

The correct way to apply is via the validator.

Can you provide a link to a page where you have cards metadata included, but where a card is not working in tweets? That way someone may be able to help you debug the issue.



Thank you for replying. The website is



Your card is working fine. Note that you have to click View Summary on the timeline to see the card, this is as expected.


Thank you. I believe our web support person may be over thinking the issue. She tweeted a person and then expected to see it on the Casino TimeLine.


BTW, I don’t know how to mark your answer as the best answer. So I liked it.


Hello Andy,
I am the web support person, Debora. I have been following your conversation with Dennis and I don’t see the card on our tweets. In my understanding, whenever I (colusa casino) tweet, the twitter card info (summary card) should appear at the bottom of our tweet; it is not happening that way. I tweeted from the company account to my personal, and vice versa, and i don’t see the card. I can see that it does appear to be working on your side, but this is a screenshot of a tweet i just sent, and I don’t see anything. We are getting closer to solving the issue but we are not there yet. Please help.
Thank you so much.



I’m jumping in here as Andy is away. I believe your Twitter Cards work well! The one thing to note to clarify is that Twitter Cards are not expanded by default on the Timeline. On the last Tweet you mentioned from your screenshot, users can tap on “View Photo” to view the picture. By navigating to the Tweet permalink, you should also see your Twitter Cards immediately under the Tweet text.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions!