Real Time Streaming API application



I am looking for an API to provide real-time tweet information that I can filter to my needs (i.e. User ID, Keyword, etc). My application needs to provide the tweets in real-time so I can also make real-time decsions based on the incoming twitter information.

I believe the API I need to build my real-time application is the Enterprise PowerTrack API which filters the real-time twitter Firehose. I have tried the statuses/filter stream, but the tweets are delayed. Is the Powertrack API the proper API for my needs and if so can you provide me with information and pricing for the Powertrack API.

Separately, could I gain access to the Twitter Firehose without the Powertrack API and filter the information on my end. Any additional information regarding the Twitter Firehose or the Powertrack API, including pricing, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

John Heffernan


PowerTrack is the API with access to the firehose, and that can provide the filtering you need. You can request more pricing information via


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