Real Time Likes for a hashtag?




I have an application using Public and User Streaming API. I can get tweets, retweets, tweet deletion events using these two APIs, however is there a way to get an Event for when a Tweet that uses a certain hashtag is liked?

This is strange because in the documentation it is mentioned that
"Data from accounts the user follows
The with parameter controls the types of messages received. The default for User Streams is with=followings, which gives data about the user and about the user’s followings (accounts which the authenticated user follows). "

But this does not include likes!

//Get tweet stream
stream.on(‘message’, function (msg) {

stream.on(‘favorite’, function (msg) {
console.log(“Tweet was Liked”);

stream.on(‘unfavorite’, function (msg) {
console.log(“Tweet was UnLiked”);

Only works for Tweets Created by the user, not by tweets that the user follows as the documentation appears to suggest. I get Delete events from people I am following, but not Like events.

I could not find in the stream a way to get this event. The only thing that occurs to me is to use the REST API to manually search and index using an interval of time, this is something i would ike to avoid if possible.

The goal is to create a ranking of people that are participating in a event that uses that particular hashtag, for that i take the reach (number of followers), number of tweets, number of retweets and number of likes per tweet. The only problem is with the number of likes, since when a tweet that is not my own gets liked i have no way to capture that event.