Real time Audience Not Processing



ChannelId : 2fpxv

Sample Call :
Url :
Payload : [{“operation_type”:“Update”,“params”:{“membership_type”:“LIST_MEMBERSHIP”,“advertiser_account_id”:“18ce53vjzfs”,“user_identifier”:“1c5f747125273d0f52178b0a18b933f20ff8ad385c3ea58f74f91e288cd40b0b”,“user_identifier_type”:“EMAIL”,“audience_names”:“test email realtime audience”}},{“operation_type”:“Update”,“params”:{“membership_type”:“LIST_MEMBERSHIP”,“advertiser_account_id”:“18ce53vjzfs”,“user_identifier”:“4e597966787ca6ace51f4fa6b284c42d4729a2448a7df51ea35413db756fe93e”,“user_identifier_type”:“EMAIL”,“audience_names”:“test email realtime audience”}}]

The call returns “success” but the audience status remains processing. We are experiencing this issue with multiple audiences using real time api
Other audienceIds are 2fpxw, 2fn8t, 2fn8p, 2fn8j



I can confirm that the problem is that no users are being matched for those calls / audiences (they should 0 zero records matched actually) - just because the call returns success does not mean that it will match a user or not.

If you upload the same data with and see data matched, it means something is wrong with your hashing or data input. Essentially you need to pass the data in the same format that is used in that script - but for example e-mail also need to be lower case. Some of the rules are mentioned here: