Real-Time Audience match count



One of our client wants to use Real Time Audience Feature so we implemented the code from API docs and the audience is created successfully. But they have issues with audience match count.

Today when the client uploaded Phone number using Realtime Audience it returned TOO_SMALL but when the same leads were uploaded via the TON API returned a match count of 3030. This difference of match count is very confusing to understand as well as explain to the client.

please comment if you require account id or audience ids to investigate.


The audiences will commonly show TOO_SMALL until the job which calculates whether the minimum number of recent users (as per our user privacy guidelines) has finished running, and this can take upwards of 24 to 48 hours in worst case scenario (any longer and you would be fine to raise the issue again with these details included).

Basically you can think of setting up audiences on Real Time Audience as a two step process, the first step is to seed the audience with at least 500 users (to protect our user’s privacy). The second step, which happens in near-realtime, would be to add or remove users from that audience once it has reached a calculated min-size.


We uploaded a custom audience of 10000 phone numbers using TON API as well as Real-time audience API, after 1 day it gave match count around 3000. But on next day it went below 500 and thus audience match count status became TOO_SMALL .what can be the possible reasons for this?.


Hi JBabichJapan,

This change in Audience size is understandable if few week have been passed after upload but the sudden change from near 3000 match to TOO_SMALL is really hard to understand.

The audience re-targeting is one of the core features of Targeto and thus it is required to work perfectly.
This affects our customer service as our clients do not understand the internal working of audience.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for missing the reply to this one - you should not see a change to TOO_SMALL in long run if the users have been recognized as recently active users. See the last post in this thread for some tips around formatting of the users being uploaded, to make sure they are in the correct format (if they are not they would not be matched even if you upload as a list to our Ads UI).

The primary case where audiences will stay ‘stuck’ in a TOO_SMALL state even though they are not small is due to a problem on our end, and when this happens feel free to post a new thread about it to flag it for our attention.