Real-time audience manager too small


I am trying to create a tailored audience using the real time audience manager API. With the first call to the API, a new tailored audience was created. I have sent tens of thousands of handles to the API and its been more than two weeks but the audience is still too small. Is there any way to get insight into what is failing?


We are having this same issue


@JohnSeaman10 and @matthixson: Please provide us with a tailored audience ID (as well as the account ID it’s associated with) so we can further investigate.


AdaccountId = 9iwx2
AudienceID = 23nm9


Account Id: 451duv
Audiende Id: 22rco


Thanks, @JohnSeaman10. The team will take a look in the next few days.


Hey @JohnSeaman10 and @matthixson

Thank you for the question! We’ve heard reports of users in the last few weeks having similar issues, and generally this has solved the issue for them, i.e., upload the same audience with a unique (different than the current one) audience identifier/name. Let me know if this fixes the issue, or not.



I guess the question is how is this suppose to work? Is the initial list suppose to process in immediately or does to have to batch process every few hours?


I set another audience up about a week ago and had the same issue. The audience id is 23uty.


Hi Tushar, can you please explain this workaround, we too are facing this issue. The audience counts are showing null.



Hey all,

Essentially the things to note here are:

  1. By design, the real-time endpoint will make a newly created audience targetable in real time by setting it’s size to 501 (500 being the min. number of matched users to target an audience)
  2. The actual/correct audience_size value does take 2-3 days to be accurate.

The workaround applies to any audiences that have been stuck in processing state for over 3 days.

Hope that helps!


Account id 18ce53vgfly
Audience Id 2is8o

Same issue with this one, the audience size has come null, even though ~100k users were uploaded

for the workaround I had a doubt, “upload the same audience with a unique (different than the current one) audience identifier/name”

Does that mean uploading the same paramsJson of users with a different audience name than the one with size =null, won’t doing so create another audience (if its a unique name)?

We did try that and another audience was created with the same count null. Anyway I can provide more info to help debug this.

cc @JBabichJapan

Thank you for looking into this :slight_smile:


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Hey @abhishek_pyro

Apologies for the long delay in response. We’re still looking into the issue on our end and will let you know as soon as we’ve got something to share.

Appreciate the patience.



Additionally, @abhishek_pyro

Can you provide us some details around specially when these API calls were made? If you can narrow it down to the the specific date, that’d be helpful.



Hi @imit8me

the audience upload date is the same as creation date of Mon Mar 05 18:55:34 EST 2018.

Since we uploaded ~100k users I can confirm the date was same and ~2-3 hours buffer.

Since we are facing this issue repeatedly I can create another audience with the same user list to narrow down the date of upload for you to check the logs. Please let me know in case you want me to try that



Hey @abhishek_pyro

Thanks for the details! Let us do some digging on our end, and get back to you with next steps.



Hey @abhishek_pyro

So it looks like we received about 5800 member requests (i.e., unique user identifiers) for the audience referenced, with no members matched. I suspect that issue might be around hashing, can you confirm your hashing function works correctly? For example, the following identifier should be hashed as such:

@imit8me -> b8daf4a6927a5f92c6b378c09d47ac4731daf947b4ec5efd60802e2381dd6b9a

Let me know if you get the same value.



Hi @imit8me

Thank you for your response

We are uploading TWITTER_ID instead of user names

for ex id 31345890 -> b48acd95e22c80be68d1b15e257f9055e78a5f1242d98958b8e8ca9b6b4b43cf

Another audience id 2is8s that can help, with more Twitter ids uploaded for account 18ce53vgfly.

Should we be uploading user names instead of user ids?

Using php -> hash("sha256", trim($line)) to generate hashes.

For @imit8me the Twitter id is 3271358660 and its hash -> 91675892312e3c27ebe9d1b579d7cfa3862e5460f8189e8700136054cece52c9

Running with the user name @imit8me -> b8daf4a6927a5f92c6b378c09d47ac4731daf947b4ec5efd60802e2381dd6b9a


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