Real Time Audience Creation and update



i am trying to create a real time audience list but my lists are never going to targetable state, it status always says AUDIENCE TOO SMALL in audience manage UI, i also fetched tailored audiences through api but there also the reason not targetable is TOO_SMALL

I20170920-19:31:58.121(5)?     {
I20170920-19:31:58.121(5)?       "targetable": false,
I20170920-19:31:58.122(5)?       "name": "new real Time Audience",
I20170920-19:31:58.122(5)?       "targetable_types": [
I20170920-19:31:58.123(5)?         "CRM",
I20170920-19:31:58.123(5)?         "EXCLUDED_CRM"
I20170920-19:31:58.124(5)?       ],
I20170920-19:31:58.124(5)?       "audience_type": "CRM",
I20170920-19:31:58.125(5)?       "permission_level": "READ_WRITE",
I20170920-19:31:58.125(5)?       "is_owner": true,
I20170920-19:31:58.126(5)?       "id": "2bou8",
I20170920-19:31:58.126(5)?       "reasons_not_targetable": [
I20170920-19:31:58.126(5)?         "TOO_SMALL"
I20170920-19:31:58.127(5)?       ],
I20170920-19:31:58.127(5)?       "list_type": "TWITTER_ID",
I20170920-19:31:58.128(5)?       "created_at": "2017-09-20T12:47:03Z",
I20170920-19:31:58.130(5)?       "updated_at": "2017-09-20T12:47:03Z",
I20170920-19:31:58.131(5)?       "partner_source": "OTHER",
I20170920-19:31:58.131(5)?       "deleted": false,
I20170920-19:31:58.132(5)?       "audience_size": null
I20170920-19:31:58.132(5)?     },

audience size is always null ?

i send batch of 100 Twitter ids to the list that i also create using real time audience api endpoint

sample data in post, user_identifier are hashed

I20170920-19:40:00.092(5)?   { operation_type: 'Update',
I20170920-19:40:00.093(5)?     params:
I20170920-19:40:00.093(5)?      { advertiser_account_id: '18ce53z0cu8',
I20170920-19:40:00.094(5)?        membership_type: 'LIST_MEMBERSHIP',
I20170920-19:40:00.095(5)?        user_identifier: 'd50cdb42a4188adaa88f27eeac6feb6256aae752eca90194e0b49ab1313f78d5',
I20170920-19:40:00.096(5)?        user_identifier_type: 'TWITTER_ID',
I20170920-19:40:00.096(5)?        audience_names: 'New York GeoMesh RT new',
I20170920-19:40:00.099(5)?        expires_at: '2017-10-20T13:52:07Z' } },
I20170920-19:40:00.100(5)?   { operation_type: 'Update',
I20170920-19:40:00.101(5)?     params:
I20170920-19:40:00.101(5)?      { advertiser_account_id: '18ce53z0cu8',
I20170920-19:40:00.101(5)?        membership_type: 'LIST_MEMBERSHIP',
I20170920-19:40:00.102(5)?        user_identifier: '1d0c040d7832d4eccc2e7630d071584ad6a756fdc601e5d9559f1733a56d7dae',
I20170920-19:40:00.102(5)?        user_identifier_type: 'TWITTER_ID',
I20170920-19:40:00.103(5)?        audience_names: 'New York GeoMesh RT new',
I20170920-19:40:00.103(5)?        expires_at: '2017-10-20T13:52:11Z' } },
I20170920-19:40:00.104(5)?   { operation_type: 'Update',
I20170920-19:40:00.104(5)?     params:
I20170920-19:40:00.105(5)?      { advertiser_account_id: '18ce53z0cu8',
I20170920-19:40:00.105(5)?        membership_type: 'LIST_MEMBERSHIP',
I20170920-19:40:00.106(5)?        user_identifier: 'cd34292b8549d1bb8c9b3367a0a3d7536aff6ee715b5646f9f5b0cfd88411ce8',
I20170920-19:40:00.106(5)?        user_identifier_type: 'TWITTER_ID',
I20170920-19:40:00.107(5)?        audience_names: 'New York GeoMesh RT new',
I20170920-19:40:00.108(5)?        expires_at: '2017-10-20T13:52:27Z' } },
I20170920-19:40:00.108(5)?   { operation_type: 'Update',
I20170920-19:40:00.109(5)?     params:
I20170920-19:40:00.109(5)?      { advertiser_account_id: '18ce53z0cu8',
I20170920-19:40:00.112(5)?        membership_type: 'LIST_MEMBERSHIP',
I20170920-19:40:00.113(5)?        user_identifier: '5d1829373a5a9500a71e2d23abdb057b0e86a31fb0ee38ac69428d9de7e69b44',
I20170920-19:40:00.113(5)?        user_identifier_type: 'TWITTER_ID',
I20170920-19:40:00.114(5)?        audience_names: 'New York GeoMesh RT new',
I20170920-19:40:00.114(5)?        expires_at: '2017-10-20T13:52:33Z' } },

my ad account id : 18ce53z0cu8
my list id : 2bou8

am i doing something wrong in using real time audience lists updates, or should i be waiting for longer periods of times before the list status goes to ready state?


Hi @usmanarham,

To respect user privacy, the list must match at least 500 users on Twitter for it to be usable in your campaigns. Lists that fall short of this requirement will say “audience too small” in the audience manager with similar response from API, and cannot be used for campaign targeting.



Hi @goforbrent

i have pushed more than 500 users to the list "2bou8"
i have pushed these users in a batch of 100 on

but still the lists is in Audience too small state :(, also my audience size is always null. so i have no way to check how many users are there in my list .


Hi @usmanarham,

What @goforbrent is talking about is that for privacity reasons you need to MATCH 500 users with Twitter.

You can add more than 500, but if Twitter is not able to match it with their users you won’t be able to use the audience.



Hi @hector_borras,

i am sending more than 500 Twitter ids to the list that i am fetching from twitter stream, so i am sure that my list contains valid twitter ids that are active in previous 30 days.


i have also tried to create tailored audience list manually by adding same hashed twitter ids which i used for real time audience creation.

but the tailored audience list is stuck in processing :frowning:

can any one help me on this ?


@usmanarham - I just checked and it seems the audiences are in ready status. Please let me know if you need anything else.