Read/Write permission issue: Cannot add Mobile phone to twitter account


Hello All

Hope some twitter Dudes are reading,

I am with t-mobile/EE and cannot add my mobile to my twitter account to enable read/write permissions.

I am trying to use the

Rest API to

POST statuses/update

Which appears to require read/write permission, plus I will want to move on to other “write” operations once I get familiar with the api

What do I do, do I have to buy another mobile phone :smile:


Costrak Software


What do you mean you can’t add your mobile number? What have you tried? Did you get an error? What did it say?


First mobile number i tried was not accepted message was

“you cannot do this action” or something like that,

well I tried another mobile number and it worked this time,



Glad to hear that your issue is fixed, thanks for letting us know!

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