Read-only api issue - BIG PROBLEM


I’m having problems to generate a read and write key on twitter dev’s page.

Follows below what I tried to do (I am using google chrome):

  1. Generate the api;
  2. On settings I changed the acess to read and write - here occurs the first problem, first I changed the radio button to read-and-write and clicked on “UPDATE” the page reload but the acess was not changed, so I did it again and when reload the change takes effects.
  3. Go back to details and GENERATE acess token - it were marked as “read and write”;
  4. Go to my joomla! integration interface and put the information there;
  5. When validate occurs the error “READ ONLY KEY”;
  6. I tried to REGENERATE and it does not reflect on system, my token still the same.

Please, I need help to solve this.

Thank you


Important to notice thar the key is marked on details od twitter dev’s page as read and write.


The caching layer on can get stubborn. The best way to recreate your access token will be to explicitly revoke it on and wait 5 minutes or so, then come back to to recreate the access token with the newly inherited permissions. Also, using the OAuth callback flow is another way to recreate a token.


@episod thanks for your reply.

What you said did’nt work.
I dont know how to use the callback.

Any other idea?