Read more call-to-action



Ad previews render with ‘Read more’ call-to-access. We’re using the Twitter Ads API to report on our campaigns. We also provide ad previews in our reports and recently they are rendering with this CTA that we can’t remove or edit from Twitter’s UI.

This is the JS file we’re using to generate the ad previews:
We are using the Embedded Tweet JavaScript Factory Function2 to create the Twitter previews.

I was informed by your team that call-to-action buttons have been removed last year. We would like it if they still existed, but they show up in the UI, so we believe they shouldn’t show up in the API either because it’s confusing.
Please have a look at the following example:
Tweet card id is 808710595826610177
Account id is 18ce53yltux

This is how the ad is rendering through widgets.js:

This is how it looks on people’s timeline:


Thanks for feedback about the method of creating tweet previews. Currently we are fixing some bugs in the tweet/preview endpoint within Ads API. Let us follow up about this after investigation and fixes are completed, but generally recommendation would be to use the tweet preview endpoint for promoted tweets once we are sure it’s working perfectly! :slight_smile:


This is a duplicate of this thread. This is not and Ads API issue. Closing.