Reactivation troubles (streaming + followers)


Guys I need help ASAP please :frowning:

I reactivated my account two days ago, since then my tweets don’t show up in the stream nor in the hash tags, it’s like talking to urself :slight_smile: no one can see my tweets.

My followers and followings numbers keep on changing as well, they go from 3000 to 8 and then they go back to the real number.

I deactivated my account for like three days only, and it was not my first time to do so, plz help me :frowning:


i’m having this exact same problem after reactivating recently. Did you get it resolved? i have just contacted twitter support but it says it can take days to get a response. x


Well it is not resolved yet, and it’s been over a week. I contacted every support member, unfortunately none of them replied. It’s kind of frustrating


Same problem on my end. I deactivated for like a day & since then I’m stuck at 0,0 (occasionally there’s a few followers shown but if clicked on, nope, they’re not there).

If someone follows me, twitter unfollows within minutes. If I follow someone, twitter unfollows them. The account is completely non-functional. I have yet to hear back from customer service.


I deactivated my account yesterday and reactivated minutes later and I’m having similar issues. I’m beginning to worry if this is permanent or not. It hasn’t been 24 hours and I contacted support anyways. Nothing happened. Does anyone here know what I can do to fix this issue?