Reaching API limit for Followers [Is this Twitter API hack?]



I would like to get more then 75k followers id at once for XXX user. The limit is 15 requests (5000 ids each) in 15 min window.
Because my application stores more then one Token/TokenSecret of different users, the question is can I use another user Token/TokenSecret to continiue when reaching limit?? or this is API Policy abuse?

my scenario is:

  • user XXX have 80k followers which I want to take at one time

I make 15 requests for XXX user using it’s credentials which gives me 75k.
Instead of waiting 15 min I use Token/TokenSecret of another user: YYY to have imeddiately missing followers.

It works… but…

I don’t want to have my application blocked or abuse twitter api, so please tell me if I can use this scenario or is this policy violation?


I am quite sure that this would violate the Twitter ToS or Developer Policy, as it does something in behalf of a User that he/she didn’t expect. (Even if he/she does not notice it)


API allows this so if it is abuse then why it is available?