Reach trending topic making a bot



I would like to know if i can create a bot to programatically incitates to reach trending topic.

I been reading the guidelines and im not sure if this is permitted.

The only thing i should need to do as far as i know is create a genuine user generated and unique tweet per user account to be posted in their name in “our time”.

For example,

user one: “lets start to talk about #whatever
user two: “we need to reach trending topic becase #whatever !”
user three “for me is very important to #whatever

and so on… each tweet different and written by the users.

how many tweets like that i should be able to send from my same ip?

can i do this without break the rules?

As far i know i only need to do is clearly say “this is for reach trending topic, write the tweet you want to send when WE will decide to reach it”

Im not very sure that this would be accepted becase could be saw as a kind of “spam”

My last question is NOT solved and i cant answer or reopen it

This is against the automation rules. Please ensure that you read and understand all of the terms you’re subject to under the developer policy and agreement.

Spamming: You may not send automated Tweets or Direct Messages that are spam, or otherwise engage in spamming activity. Some examples of spammy behavior to avoid with automation include:

  • Trending topics: You may not automatically post about trending topics on Twitter, or use automation to attempt to influence or manipulate trending topics.
  • Multiple posts/accounts: You may not post duplicative or substantially similar Tweets on one account or over multiple accounts you operate.

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