Reach - New Campaign Objective




I noticed it in the API today -

It looks like Reach is a new campaign pay by CPM. Is this taking place of Qualified Impressions campaigns, which looks to be deprecated now?

Can you please provide more information on Reach campaigns? Any additional documentation and information about business rules would be very helpful!


Hi, @msbukkuri. That’s right. The reach objective will replace qualified impressions. We are working on additional documentation for reach and will let you know when it’s available.

We really appreciate you taking such a close look at the docs and asking for clarification! That helps us and other developers. Thanks!


@juanshishido is there any ETA on the documentation of the REACH objective ?


It looks like they renamed Reach to Awareness, but still no further details.


@juanshishido I was advised by my partner engineer to ask these questions here, in regards to the Awareness objective.

In the API, where would we set the secondary optimization to maximize reach or reach with engagements? (see below for the image where we set this on the UI)

Please let me know if you have any questions.


@juanshishido @imit8me Any update on this front? Would really love to leverage these for an existing client of ours.


@msbukkuri: Thanks for following up.

For the secondary optimization, use the optimization_preference parameter. The possible values are: NONE (for maximize reach) and ENGAGEMENT (for reach with engagement).


Thank you very much for the response.

Is this at the campaign level or the line_item level? I noticed that the documentation does not cover this field.


@msbukkuri: Glad to help!

Good question. This is set at the line item-level.

The docs have not been updated yet. We’ll post an update here once they have been.



Correction the param is optimization and the possible values are:

  • DEFAULT (for max reach)
  • ENGAGEMENT (for reach with engagement)

cc: @msbukkuri


@juanshishido Thanks for the update!


Did you guys just dropped QUALIFIED_IMPRESSIONS ? I can’t find any announcement for it or planned date for end of support?