Reach metric calculation at Month,Week level


We are trying to calculate Reach metric at Week and Month level. I see that the data is available at day level. But reach is cant be summed up from day to week or Month as it is Unique impressions for that time period.

Do let me know if any one has pointers on this.


Via the API - Reach can be give an arbitrary start and end date as shown here:

Were you speaking of a problem you are having with For questions related to that please submit them through the Help/Support of that website itself.




We are pulling from ADS API. I see that the link you provided is giving reach from v0. We are developing in v1 . Do you have any equivalent in v1?


This is a documentation problem and the endpoint will work fine if you replace the 0 with a 1. Thanks for pointing this out to us.


Thanks John.

Have a follow up question. We are trying to get account level reach also and as reach is one metric where we cant rollup from Campaign to Account, Is there a recommended call for getting Account level reach at a month level ?


HI @SriKavikondala,

Confirming that you can only pull Reach on the campaign or funding instrument level via the Ads API.

Please work with you Account Manager to pull Account level Reach.