Reach Estimate Question


From reading other posts in this forum, it seems that in order to successfully make reach estimate calls, your account has to be active. Can someone clarify what active means?
We have a test account that was last running media at the end of 2016. We in the last couple of days started running a campaign with a low budget in hopes that it would ‘reactivate’ the account, but are still receiving 0s. Is there a certain level of spend or impressions needed?


There are some issues being investigated related to reach estimate endpoint, so it’s difficult for me to say whether you are seeing side effect of that or not.

I believe the advice in this thread would still be accurate: reach_estimate always returns count = 0

So the most important thing is to send in the Objective, and if you send that I would not expect to see as many 0s. If you are still seeing it like that, feel free to send an example request and response.




Thanks for the reply. We have been collecting reach data, specifically the infinite_bid_count metric for a few months, and roughly in mid February, no data was being returned (0s). We found another post in this forum, and it said that accounts that have not been active for 30 days would not return reach figures, so we assumed that was our problem. Earlier this week, we started an always on campaign with a low daily budget, in hopes that it would make our account active again, but we’re still getting 0 data.

Accounts: o9klw5 (we were using this account until mid Feb)
392n6y - We switched to this account this week

Tailored Audiences: 2qq for account o9klw5
21g8j for account 392n6y


    'tailored_audiences': <See above>,
    'bid_amount_local_micro': None,
    'campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro': 1000000000,
    'currency': 'USD',
    'objective': 'AWARENESS',
    'product_type': 'PROMOTED_ACCOUNT'


@JBabichJapan - any update to this? It’s holding up a client driven project.


@emilyb: No updates just yet. This’ll likely take time for us to diagnose. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more. Thanks!


Hey Emily -

Allow me to follow up on this old thread. The reach estimate engine has had erratic behavior that still exist in some scenarios, but we confirmed that it actually shows the same results in the UI for the same account and inputs. Rest assured that the same engine is being called, and as far as I know the ‘active’ definition you mention could possibly be something like an urban myth because I haven’t been able to get confirmation about that internally. If you can point to which source informed you of that I can follow up about it.

For future specific issues with reach estimation please go ahead and file a new thread about it to get to the top of our queue.

Thanks and sorry again for the delay in following up,



Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. When we originally had these issues, I came across the thread you mentioned in your earlier post (reach_estimate always returns count = 0) . This comment by andrsTwitter made me think that the account had to be active, because roughly a month after our two accounts stopped spending, we stopped receiving reach estimates.

If the account has been inactive for more than 30 days, reach estimation will return 0.


Apologies for the confusion, @emilyb!