Reach estimate is inconsistent



We see inconsistent results from the reach estimate endpoint.

The doc says only 4 criteria are required. But it seems that it does not work that way.
Can you verify and confirm it is a bug or just the doc is not in sync temporary.

works with
"data": { "product_type": "PROMOTED_TWEETS", "currency": "USD", "objective": "TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS", "campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro": 10000, "broad_keywords":"coffee", "age_buckets":"AGE_45_TO_54" }
does not work with
"data": { "product_type": "PROMOTED_TWEETS", "currency": "USD", "objective": "TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS", "campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro": 10000, "age_buckets":"AGE_45_TO_54" }

error goes

Object code : "MISSING_PARAMETER" message : "At least one of the required targeting criteria need to be specified for reach estimation"


As the linked documentation states:

the current reach estimate implementation does not support broad targeting. It is required that you specify at least one primary targeting criterion; you can see a list of all primary targeting criteria in our campaigns targeting page.

The primary targeting types can be found on the linked targeting page. They are: followers, interests, keywords, tailored audiences, and TV.

As you can see, your successful request included a primary targeting type (broad keywords), but the request that returned an error did not.


Thank you. and sorry for not being thorough on docs.



Can you tell me what is the reach parameter for tv targeting?

tv, tv_shows, tv_show,…?

Thanks in advanced!