Reach Estimate endpoint ignores parameter "placement" and "placements"



Is the “placement_type” parameter for the Reach Estimate endpoint going to be deprecated, similar to the line_items POST endpoint as part of the upcoming Ads API changes? The API change is not reflected in the API documentation page for Reach Estimate endpoint; however, since it uses the values that are going to be deprecated, I just assumed it would be so.

I tried with parameter “product_type” in the place of “placement_type”, and not surprisingly it works. However, it appears that both “placement” and “placements” parameter are ignored by the Reach Estimate endpoint, which I am not sure is expected or not. If it’s not expected, is it supposed to be “placement” or “placements”? Does the following restriction still apply?

"Reach estimates are available for two placement types: PROMOTED_ACCOUNT or     PROMOTED_TWEETS_FOR_TIMELINES (there is no reach estimate for search). "




@KevinWang_ks placements don’t affect a reach estimate, hence they will be going away, just use product_type!

You are right that we haven’t documented this - we are on it!