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I just read the May 1 announcement, Updating how embedded video works for web: Updating how embedded video works for web

Since there is no way to respond to that announcement, I’ve created this thread.

Is there any way to revert back to the older superior video look? Our users liked the larger video size without text (spoilers).



Thanks for starting this thread, Steve!

Even if the “embed video” option isn’t reinstated (though that would be my preference!), it would be awesome if we could override this change by manually adjusting the embed code.

We embed Twitter videos on our news site daily, but if we are only able to display a video as part of a full tweet, then moving forward we will only embed Twitter videos as a last resort. We produce news stories and often incorporate the videos to add context—and sometimes additional commentary from the user who shared the video on Twitter distracts from the overall flow of our stories.



Yes, I agree. There should be an override to keep everyone happy. What’s wrong with multiple ways to do things? Imagine if YouTube changed their embed code behavior like Twitter has done. This is not a beneficial change for all consumers as the announcement proclaimed.



Also in this same boat. The benefit of the old “Embed Video” option was how clean it was. Giving users the choice was beneficial. I’d be happy to add css to make it so, but removing options doesn’t make anything work better.

As an example, here’s how I use them: Basketball article Before, the videos would stretch across the text body width, making them fit seamlessly into the content. Now, they’re a smaller embedded card, falling short of full width and adding additional info my users don’t need. You can see what I’d like later in the article with the YouTube embed… it just works. The Twitter embed no longer does.


Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback. However, the goal of this update was to provide more consistency in how videos are rendered and to allow for faster development and iteration on a consolidated video embed experience. At this time there are no plans to bring back the deprecated embed or provide an override.



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