Re-request Stream API on the fly



This is my first post here and I am 100% new to Twitter app development.

I am planning to make a Twitter app which take data from Streaming API and detecting specific hashtag. And also post to Twitter. I’ve been successfully taking Stream data via cURL command generated by OAuth tool.

The problem is the request URL is expired within minutes. How to regenerate a new cURL command on the fly foreach 2 minutes (for example)?

I am planning to run the app via Windows executable (.exe).



You would need to implement OAuth so that your application generates the proper OAuth signatures for each request. There are libraries that can help you do this in many languages. See [node:126].


Thanks @episod, I’ve been trying some PHP libraries yesterday (I use CodeBird and twitteroauth by Abraham but today I am going to try thhOAuth and 140dev) but I still not get it how to get oauth_nonce and oauth_signature properly…since those PHP libraries only provide our daily twitter functions (updating status, updating with media, replying tweet, etc).

I need a basic code of how to get oauth_nonce and oauth_signature.

Any help?