Re-Posting to themed accounts


Hi we’re a school with one main twitter account @thedellschool and 11.4K posts so far. We’ve created 25 themed twitter accounts also. Each week we use a 3rd party app (hootsuite) to repost each of the main tweets to the relevant themes that apply (eg: ‘This week Year 3 pupils have been writing poems about recycling’ would be reposted to our ‘Year 3’, ‘literacy’ and ‘eco’ themed accounts). This allows visitors to see themes & activity across our school on our website

Twitter’s changes on 3/23/18 to reposting to multiple account means this will now take many hours and this activity is not feasible. This is a shame as we were being really innovative with our use of Twitter.

Can anyone think of a way to continue doing this? We’re not generating spam so is there a case for permitted exception?

Thank you for your time,

Steve, headteacher / principal



This forum is here to assist developers building integrations with questions about the rules around the developer platform. We recommend that you work with the Twitter Support team via if you have further questions about what is or is not allowed as part of regular usage of the platform.

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