Re-construct/find ID of a tweet given the text?



I wonder if there is any possible way to find the id of a tweet, if I know its text? I know this is a strange question… I am working on a research project and I gathered some tweets, however, when saving the tweet ID, I made a systematic error. All ids are saved as numbers and for some reason, they were converted to a scientific notation rounded to 11 decimal place. So 891480567002345472 becomes 8.91480567002E+017.

I would like to make my data available for other scientific research, but I understand that I can only share the tweet IDs. However, given this mass-up, I won’t be able to do so.

The only information I have about each tweet, is its incomplete ID, and its text… is there any miracle that can save me from this mass?

Thanks in advance


It sounds like you’ve probably been using Javascript or another language that does not handle very long numbers correctly. Unfortunately I’m not aware of a way around this short of querying for the Tweets again and using the id_str string values instead of the large integers. Others may have a better idea though.