Raw markdown in FAQ



There are is some raw markdown on all FAQ pages. Perhaps template engine works incorrectly?
For example:

How can I reclaim an inactive Twitter account for my project or application?
Our [support:15362, title=”Inactive Account Policy”] page on the help center contains information about how we handle inactive accounts. For Trademark Violations please refer to our [support:18367, title=”Trademark Policy”].

Also most URLs in FAQ are just text, but several acts as links. You can see both behaviors in question “How should I file a bug report about a Twitter widget?

Plus, pages with small amount of text has bug with secondary footer - it is not sticky. Examples: 1, 2 (this one is something strange). This bug also present on community pages.


Thanks. That page is actually legacy (from an older version of the dev.twitter.com site) and should no longer be indexed. We’re working on some documentation updates at the moment so I’ll add it to our list. The /tags/ URLs also should not be there now, so that’s weird.

Not sure what issue you’re referring to on https://twittercommunity.com/badges/20/great-topic but this is a completely separate site from dev.twitter.com so I wouldn’t expect it to behave in the same way.

Appreciate you taking the time to let us know about these issues, we’ll see what we can do! :thumbsup:

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