Raw IP for Embedded Timeline Whitelisted Domain?



I’m trying to to use a raw IP address (e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) in the whitelisted domain field for the embedded timeline widget configurator, but it doesn’t let me add it in. It’s annoying because the error message suggests that the URL isn’t valid … well, it is. It’s a totally valid IP that resolves to a webpage on a server.

I’m trying to demo a page to a client, with the embedded timeline working. I’m not in a position to use a proper domain name yet. How can I achieve this?




Unfortunately the timeline widget doesn’t support custom IP addresses and URLs without known TLDs at this time. It does support localhost out of the box, so consider pointing to that domain instead.


Hmm, poor show. There should be some kind of “dev mode” for a widget that allows viewing over a virtual host and/or raw IP address. As it stands the widget is pretty broken in terms of being able to test with it in a development environment. I think you should do better, or at the very least provide coherent and descriptive error messages about why a domain isn’t valid.