Rate limits while using application token



I’m developing an application that allows user to search tweets, I know it sounds funny, but it’s a lot complicated. I can’t talk about it because of my company’s policies.

So my question is >> Am I allowed to send n( n is a number) requests by user or by application. For example if my app has 10 users are they all allowed to send n requests or is the application limited to n requests for all the users?

The documentation is really confusing.

I think n is 180 or something like that.


When using application-only auth, the rate limits associated with your application token do not expand based on the number of end users you have – it represents a limit in totality for your application to use in that context per every 15 minutes. So, using this form of auth, you can perform 450 queries to the search API per 15 minutes (the limit for app only auth and that method is 450 requests per 15 minutes).

To have each of your end users have their own limit, you’ll need to use user-based auth (OAuth 1.0A) and negotiate an access token for each of your users. The access token is then used to make the requests at a rate of 180 queries per 15 minutes per access token.