Rate limits for POST endpoints issue - need increased quota


Our Twitter API app is still hitting the limit of 300 tweets per 3 hours, despite our posting in 250 tweet batches, spaced 4 hours apart. This is impacting our customers and causing frustration. To matters worse, we often must post more than one tweet (with different content) per day, so the default limit is becoming a serious choke point.

Twitter developer advocates, please help us!

App ID is 14989600


Have you requested elevated access?


Yes, I have requested elevated access, but not through the normal form, because I am unable to view that option. It sounds like you need to change a setting so I have access to the “request elevated access” option of the form?

Could you flip that setting so I can formally request extended quota?


Can you try now and see if it lets you?



Yes, I was able to see the elevated access option, and I have applied for extended quota. Thank you.

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