Rate limits for POST endpoints issue - developer advocates to help?


Our Twitter API app is not working anymore on busy days when we now hit the limit of 300 tweets per 3 hours. Following the blog post we tried to apply for removal of app limit but the mentioned form in the blog post does not contain the mentioned topic to use… I tried to other topics and placed all the info in it, but I received for both that the form cannot be used as a HelpDesk !!! And that we need to request it here?!

So Twitter developer advocates, please help us! Our app is very busy during the weekend and then more than 300 tweets per 3 hours are sent, via respective accounts of the user itself, but through are api app. So I am desperate looking for help here! Thanks.



Hi @CaveBirdLabs - could you please confirm the app ID that you would like elevated rate limits for?


Hi @Aurelia the app id is 5099326. Thanks for taking care.


Hi @CaveBirdLabs - I have added a permission to your account so you can apply via the proper elevation pathway.

Please select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits and fill out this form:


Thank you! I have used the provided link and the now available option to request the removal. I really hope that this limit will be removed (restored) before saturday as on saturdays are game days. Thanks.