Rate Limits for ads api version 1



We have basic level access to ads api. Our app id is 8770926.
We are upgrading our calls to api v1. Before the ads api upgrade to version1, rate limit for analytics endpoint was cost based. As per ads api v1, we are using Synchronous Analytics Requests, all rate limit windows for synchronous analytics are 15-minute windows.

When we made analytics call we got following response in header

[x_rate_limit_limit] => 250
[x_rate_limit_remaining] => 249
[x_rate_limit_reset] => 1466002429
[x_response_time] => 87

We have following questions based on this response
1 is this limit of 250 request is consistent across all analytics endpoints.
2 how this 15 minute window works. Is it a sliding window?

The reference doc for ads api rate limit still specifies Rate Limit per 1-minute window




Thanks for writing your questions in a clear and complete way.

We intend to update the rate-limiting and also best practices guides to bring it up to date:

  • The rate limit window for synchronous endpoint will be a 15 minute window, not 1 minute
  • We recommend you move basically 100% of stats syncing that is not time-sensitive (i.e. doesn’t happen for realtime analysis or optimization) to the async endpoint.
  • The synchronous endpoint should be able to be used for realtime optimization and spot filling scenarios.

The # of async jobs you can run in parallel is 100 and they complete very quickly, so we feel like the merits of performance and stability will outweigh the complexity of calling multiple endpoints to get data.

Please keep an eye on the docs for changes as we expect to be making multiple improvements over the next few days.