Rate limiting when requesting list of friends/followers


I’m still trying to find an appropriate way to grab an entire list of all followers and friends.

Currently, using my own twitter handle as an example, it takes 20 requests to grab an entire list of followers (cursoring). Twitter’s recommendation is to do one request per minute so you don’t hit the rate limit. I want to grab a list of followers and cache them so that I can auto complete usernames. Twitters recommendation is to take up to 20 minutes to populate a list of followers?

Is there something I am missing? Is there an easier way to do this? For things like that, I wish that, if they are going to rate limit it, at least provide more than 20 results per cursored page.


You may find the followers/ids -> users/lookup pattern more efficient for your purposes. See [node:10362] for an example of this.


That gets me the user id’s yes, but still doesn’t solve the issue of me needing the user names. I would still have to query each user id to get the user name. As mentioned, all I really need is to grab a full list of users I follow, and users following me, so that I can build a local cache and use those names for autocompletion


Nevermind though, I didn’t realize that users/lookup accepted up to 100 user ids, and had a 180 requests rate limit. That should solve my problem.



I basically need the same thing as @jdfwarrior for a custom iOS application, any ideas?