Rate limiting when getting DM images



Hi, we are being rate limited when getting images using auth on DM messages.
We download them to our own server so our customers can answer properly and see media.

But the limit it’s too low for corporate usage.

We are using the paid API, can you guys increase the rate limit for paid accounts? This is becoming a critical issue for our customers because they can’t see private media.

Regarding this post Direct Message API - Change to how apps can access images sent in Direct Messages

In the documentation there is no info about this limit, and it seems it is per app, not per account even though we are using account token to get DM info.

DM Image proxy & rate limiting

Im having the same problem, can’t you guys do something about?


We present the same issue, it would be possible to increase the limit request to paid api users?


Hello all,

Unfortunately, there is no elevation pathway for this situation at the moment. This is something that our team is considering. I will update you as I receive material updates.


Hi @LeBraat, today we are having more and more complaints about not being able to show DM messages. Please consider this, possibly many other help desk platforms that connect Twitter are suffering from this issue. ¿Isn’t there any other way around?


Hey @_clopez

I will sync with our team to see if there is anything that can be done here. Please hold.


Thanks @LeBraat I would be very grateful.


@isma_comi and @RGuerraCalderon - Are you still running into limits? If so, can you please respond to this post with the following information:

Company name:
Contact name:
Application ID or consumer key:
Endpoint requested:
How many calls per 15 minutes are required:
Is this per application or per user?:
Describe intended use of elevation:
Is this used in conjunction with a paid service? Are you under contract with us at all?: