Rate limiting per access token applies per method or per sum of methods?



I’m pretty new to the Twitter API and I have a question. I tried researching but it’s not clearly specified anywhere(or at least I didn’t find it).

I read in the Rate Limiting documentation that different methods have different rate limits per window(15 mins) for example :
GET statuses/home_timeline 15
GET users/show 180

It’s not clear to me what happens if I call the 2 methods with the same oAuth token. Basically I create an object that uses oAUth and then using that object I call first users/show 180 times and statuses/home_timeline 15 times in the 15 mins window. Is this ok or the calls add up to 195 to go over the limit? If it goes over what is the limit the minimum number or the maximum number?

Logically the rate limit should be per method called but I wanted to double check.

Thanks, and sorry if it’s a stupid question.


You are correct, rate limits are per method, per user/app combo, and per every 15 minutes. Usage of one method does not decrement from the quota of another.


can you elaborate?
I still didn’t get if limits are per “twitter user using my app” or per “app”.
The documentation clearly states that limits are per user in control + per method but the majority of GET requests just require app authentication. For example users/show gives you general info available to the public by just providing a screen_name and results are given even if that user never authorized your app.
So how does it work? Are those limited per app? Which ones instead are limited per user?

POST requests are not rate limited.


In API 1.1 (the only version available as of March) rate limits are per user, per app, per API method. So @fred using application X gets a limit for search, and a different limit for user lookup. Those limits are only applied to @fred for application X, and are separate from their limits for any other app. The docs list the specific limits for each API call:



Somebody could tell me how could i know the rates limit (remaining/limit) of friends/list calls?, i checked http://api.twitter.com/1.1/application/rate_limit_status.json, and no stats for this, just for ids, so how could i control the number of calls to this resource ?



I’ve fixed the issue where these methods weren’t returning in application/rate_limit_statuses’ response.


Checked ok now.

just a comment i had to replace / and : chars in fields to process in my application to work with (javascript/ASP), it is the only case i have found this characters in the JSON identifiers, I think it is not a standard, I am working without problem replacing them, but just a comment, Thanks