Rate limiting of statuses/update



I’m thinking about automating my account’s reply on REST API.

It will abount 10,000 reply per day.

But API restrict 2,400 tweets per day.

What should I do?

Someone, please advise.


It is not possible for an application to send more than 2,400 Tweets per day for an individual account - this is a hard account limit.

What is your use case? Have you considered using Direct Messages, which have adaptive rate limits to account for chatbots?

Note that, regardless of what you do here, your application must abide by the automation rules (clarified here).


Thank you for your reply.

Said Account is my company’s official account.
If someone Retweet for campaign tweet when It will tell result of lottery by Reply.
Then It need to Reply(@ID). (not Direct Message)
But if there are many Retweet, it will exceed 2400 per day.

Is there a method to solve this?


No, because accounts are limited to 2400 Tweets per day.


Thank you for your reply.

I think about other method.