Rate Limiting - Apps and Sub Apps



I would like to ask the following.

  1. How many apps can I register per dev. account?
  2. One OAuth app has 350 calls rate limit from the same IP?
  3. Can I register more than 1 app for the same project? i.e. App1.1, App1.2, App2.1, App2.2, App2.3
  4. Can I run more than 1 apps from the same IP? i.e. App1.1 + App1.2
    4.a if 4 is true then does the Rate Limit increase to 350x2apps = 700 calls from the same IP or not?

Thanks in advance


Take a look at our [node:121] and [node:141] documentation for info about rate limits.

Rate Limits really have nothing to do with an application, as far as being a factor in the limits.

A user and IP address are the rate limited objects in the system – there are 350 authenticated GET-based API calls per hour per user per IP address – it wouldn’t matter if you’re using App A or App B or App C, if they were requests on behalf of the same user on the same IP address, they would decrement from the same rate limiting pool.


Thanks that was really helpful since it helps to clarify some things but I still have one more point which needs clarification.

How many registered user requests can call from the same IP address before their limit achieved?
A. 2 different OAuth users can have 350 authorized calls each from the same IP (i.e. Same IP - userA: 350 (limit userA), userB: 350 (limit userB)


B. 350 authorized calls per IP no matter which user called first. (i.e. Same IP - userA: 250 userB:100 = LIMIT)


Updated: I’ve just found the following topic https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/3496 which partially covers me.

However I wanna ask some things… how can I contact you about my scenario?


“A” is correct - each user would have 350 calls. You should see this reflected in the X-FeatureRateLimit-Remaining header returned for each request.