Rate limited application creation?


I just tried creating three new twitter applications in quick succession and on the third I received an error: “Rate limit exceeded.”

I tried again an hour later and received the same error. I am assuming I have to wait 6, 12, or 24 hours but I was wondering what exactly are the rate limits around account creation?


We do not publish app creation rate limits, but yes, they are relatively low. Generally speaking that’s a pattern of behaviour that we’ve found to mirror spammy behaviour (but clearly that’s not the only reason for developers to wish to set up apps). Are you willing to share more about your use case? Thank you.


Nothing fancy. Was just going to mine three hashtags and was using one key+script for each.


OK. Well, with a small number like that it shouldn’t usually be an issue, albeit obviously you did hit a limit. Hopefully you should be OK to create a third app today!