Rate Limit



We needed a clarification about the documentation regarding rate limits mentioned here.

If I make 14 requests to access the follower’s list and make another 2 calls to access the user’s timeline (within the 15 minute time frame) with the same app access token are these request treated differently?
Is it considered as a total of 16 calls for this access token or each call to a method is treated separately for the rate limit i.e a max of 1500 calls for user’s timeline and 15 for follower’s list?

Secondly, we have a use case where we need to display the location of a user’s follower list.
We currently use the api call to get the location data of the user and process it.

We specify a count of 200 to fetch the first page data and we need to make extra calls to access the other data using the next cursor.
Considering we have 10000 followers 50 requests will be needed to fetch all the users to process their location data.
For app authentication we can make maximum 15 requests for this method.

  1. Can we increase this request count higher i.e by paying or by being a partner?
  2. Is there another method to get the same location data of the followers?


Let’s take these two questions separately.

The rate limits are on a per-endpoint, per token basis. So you get x calls to endpoint A as well as x calls to endpoint B (and x calls to endpoint C, D etc) within each window, using the same token. You can prove this to yourself by tracing your API calls and inspecting the X-Rate-Limit HTTP headers on the responses, which will count down on a per endpoint basis. You don’t need to sum up all of the calls across all endpoints inside the window.

In the case of the followers/list endpoint, the rate limits are relatively low, so you would (probably) have to cache the results in stages and perform the query over a longer time period in order to build out all of the followers list across all of the pages of results. I’m not aware of any alternative method to fetch that data.