Rate Limit when logged in


Dear lovely people of Twitter,

According to your docs (https://dev.twitter.com/docs/rate-limiting) users authenticated with oAuth should see a rate limit of 350 requests per hours against the REST API.

Unfortunately despite trying numerous libraries (as suggested in your docs) I have been unable to acieheve this limit.

I only ever see 150. I have read many of the discussions on the forum which suggest that my oAuth authorisation has not been sucessful. I can however see that the rate limit is not shared accross other users on my IP, each user that logs in gets 150 request per hour. The x-warning field is also never present in the returned data. This suggests to me that my users have successfully logged in.

For example, requesting:



"limit remaining: ": “98”,
“x-ratelimit-limit”: “150”,
“x-ratelimit-reset”: “1342455524”,
“x-ratelimit-class”: “api”

In order to confirm it was not the libraries causing the issue I have written a small app which does not use any oAuth library and just follows the steps detailed here:


The example code can be found here:

It uses Node.js; you can run with:

node app.js

You can then view the app by going to: You will note that even after authentication the rate limit never exceeds 150.

Any help much apprieciated.