Rate Limit Status not updating after any number of requests


I’m using API 1.1, and I’m checking my rate limits every so often, but I’ve found that when I use the ‘/statuses/user_timeline/:id’, no matter how many calls I make to that endpoint, the “remaining” value in the rate limits response still stays at 180.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining if it really means I have unlimited calls to that endpoint, but if it means I’ll be tagged for hitting the rate limits when I don’t even know I’m close, that would be quite unpleasant.


I’ve experienced the same behavior.


We’re working to resolve reporting unbalances on this explicit rate limit method – the HTTP headers you get in the response should continue to be accurate in the meantime.


Funny thing, but I’ve managed to fix this by removing the odd “slash” character from request URL (it was put by mistake):


After I changed to


application/rate_limit_status started to return the correct value of “remaining”