rate_limit_status.json not decreasing for calls to users/lookup.json




My application makes a number of calls to the users/lookup.json API call. Prior to making those calls my application queries rate_limit_status.json so that I know how many calls I can make.

To properly test this, I query the API and it returns a “remaining” of 60. If I then make 5 calls to user/lookup.json (via POST if that makes any difference) and retest the rate_limit_status.json function I’m expecting a “remaining” of 55 but instead get a result of 60.

Is this an issue with rate_limit_status.json or am I missing something really stupid?




Take a look at the x-rate-limit-limit and x-rate-limit-remaining HTTP headers on your responses. You should find that the latter decrements as you make requests.


Thank you for the response Andy,

I will look at tweaking the code to look at the headers of the response, though to be clear and transparent, is that just working around a bug with rate_limit_status.json?



It’s an alternative, which may be more reliable for you. I’ve just tried the exact same thing - calling users/lookup followed by checking application/rate_limit_status - and it works for me. I’m not sure why you’re not seeing any difference in the remaining value. Certainly willing to accept there could be an issue, but I’m not currently able to reproduce (and the x-rate-limit headers are working for me too).